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Currently, the Open Learning Initiative does not grant credit for the completion of any course. If you would like to receive credit or certification for completing a course, you will need to make arrangements with a learning institution.
Your instructors or institution will provide you with a course key if they have opted to incorporate an OLI course into their curriculum. If you are an independent learner you will not need a course key.
What you’re likely seeing is called an “authorization,” which is simply a temporary hold on the funds. The credit card processor places an authorization hold on the funds any time it attempts to facilitate a transaction, whether it ends up being declined or being successfully settled.If you check your records you should see that it’s listed as “pending,” and in a while (the timing depends on your bank's timing policy) it will be released without being permanently charged to your credit card. If you have not yet successfully paid, the reason may be that you're entering your school address instead of your card's billing address, which we find is a common issue for students away from home.
There are a couple of issues that may cause this. One is your browser's Flash plugin. It is important for the Flash plugin to be updated and fully functional (it can become corrupted) for your activities and their submissions to work properly. To update your Flash plugin visit: issue that might be causing the problem is the “zoom” feature in your browser. If you have zoomed in or out, reset the zoom to the default level; often holding the control key down and hitting the zero key (Ctrl+0) will do this.
There are a few "best practices" that could help to mitigate the network problems for you. First, when working on an assignment try to do so from a wired network connection (as opposed to wireless). This will help to minimize the chance of an interruption or loss of connection in your browser speaking to the OLI server. Also, having multiple browser windows open at once and switching between them when working on an exercise can cause a disruption.If the problems continue, please let us know the exact activity(ies) where it occurs and if:
  • It happens on different pages, or just one page
  • It happens consistently, or intermittently
  • It happens on different browsers or different computers
  • It happens when you have a wired network connection instead of wireless
  • It happens when you connect to a different network or Internet service provider (for instance, at school AND at the coffee shop)
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